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Product Bite: The Legend of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee (Lee Jun-fan) was an entrepreneur, martial artist, choreographer, director, and actor. Recently, the Bruce Lee foundation celebrated Bruce’s 75th birthday by releasing Enter the Game on iOS and Android platforms and it quickly amassed 2 million downloads within a few days. Clearly, Bruce Lee is a powerful brand and has a huge following.

I decided to take a look at the Bruce Lee merchandise within the Indix Product Intelligence App and quickly saw a huge variety – movie posters, T-shirts, artwork, souvenir stamps, books, movies…you name it.

Bruce Lee Products

One thing that quickly jumped out was the sheer volume of Enter the Dragon posters, in a wide variety of languages. This makes sense considering it is viewed by many as one of the greatest martial arts film of all time and grossed more than $100 million at the box office worldwide in 1973.

Bruce Lee Posters

I found a good number of cool looking Bruce Lee T-shirts on Rakuten ranging from $11.23- $77.18.

Bruce Lee T-shirts

And, there are a great number of books on Bruce Lee ranging from $12.18 to $39.60.

I also stumbled upon a beautiful Bruce Lee 41″ x 28″ signed giclée on canvas by the famous sports artist, Stephen Holland for $2500 on Amazon.

Bruce Lee Giclee on Amazon by Stephen Holland

All in all, I found around a thousand Bruce Lee products ranging from $6.99 to $2500. Amazing!

Even 42 years after his death, the Bruce Lee brand is going strong.

Long live the legend of Bruce Lee!

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