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Product Bite: Where Do You Buy the Top Holiday Toys?

shutterstock_159244961As in every holiday season, Amazon released a list of the year’s best-selling/top-rated products last month. I don’t know about you but I rely on those lists heavily to buy gifts for those on my list. Toys are always one of the most coveted items this time of the year as children write their letters to Santa. I’ve been tracking some of the toys on the Amazon list in the Indix Product API to see what interesting insights might come up. Please note that this list is dynamic and keeps changing. The toys that I tracked were in the top 15 a few weeks ago.

First of all, perhaps we can call it irony, but Toys R Us doesn’t always offer the best deals. For instance, the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack is priced in the $69-$79 range at Amazon and Walmart, while it is sold at the list price of $99 at Toys R Us. Same goes for the Nintendo 3DS XL Black console. Toys R Us sells it at at the list price of $199 while Amazon offers a discount. Conclusion – you probably want to buy your electronic toys from Amazon and not Toys R Us. Walmart offers good deals too although the price is a few dollars more than at Amazon.

The advantage with Walmart is definitely their “pick up in store” option, especially this time of the year. Of course, some people prefer to get done with their shopping online, but some prefer to soak in the festive atmosphere with stores adorned in green and red, and of course the Christmas music that just won’t stop! Walmart is really competitive with Amazon in terms of prices for the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter pack, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex and the Good Dinosaur Galloping Butch.

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Last year, the Disney Frozen Elsa doll was one of the top-selling toys of all. The Frozen fever hasn’t worn off quite yet. This beautiful KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse (I want it!) is one of the in-demand toys this year. However, Walmart doesn’t even have the exact match for the product. If you want to get this for your daughter, head to Amazon or Toys R Us. It about $10 more expensive at Toys R Us ($129 as opposed to $119) though.

Most of the toys in the list fell to their discounted prices a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Let’s make a note here that Amazon started running deals way before Black Friday. Good news is that the prices still hold. So parents who haven’t finished their toy shopping yet – you can still score a good deal!

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