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Product Bite: The Super Bowl Big Screen TV Craze

Super Bowl Sunday – a day that all sports fans eagerly look forward to every year. And this year, a record-breaking 114 million viewers tuned in to watch what turned out to be an absolute roller coaster of a game. For those fans that didn’t make it out to Arizona, the choice of what screen to watch game on was a puzzling one, since there are so many choices out there. Businesses capitalize on the sports craze by offering good deals on televisions at this time of the year.


Image Source: The Wall Street Journal

4K technology seems to be quite the rage right now. It’s 4 times the resolution of a regular HD TV. You can probably count the beads of sweat on your favorite quarterback’s face! I tracked a couple of Samsung’s big screen TVs in our Product Intelligence app to see if anything interesting happened with their prices during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. The Samsung UN50HU6950 50-inch 4K TV  and the UN60HU8550 60-inch 4K TV have been getting a lot of positive reviews from experts.

Both the TVs saw a decrease in price leading up to the Super Bowl. The 50 inch model from the 6950 series is available across 9 online stores and saw an average price decrease of about 22% from January 19 to February 1. Today, it is being sold for about $1000 at most stores, discounted from a sticker price of $1500.


Screenshot from the Indix Product Intelligence App

Here’s the interesting part. The 60 inch TV from the 8550 series is available across 12 different stores and also saw a decrease in average price from January 19 to February 1. But it was only by about 6%. The sticker price for this model is $3500 with the average price today being $2306. That’s not much of a discount.


Screenshot from the Indix Product Intelligence App

The bigger TV has more advanced technology like a higher refresh rate and 3D capability. We could speculate that the more advanced properties allow the 60-inch model to not completely sway to the orientation of the market even at a time when higher discounting means higher sales, since people are in the mood to invest. At the same time, advanced capabilities are useful only if the source transmits the signal using that technology. There’s probably some time before the Super Bowl will be broadcasted in 3D! Still need to go to the stadium for that experience. My point being, this is the priority for viewers buying at this point of time.

However, you can see that even after the Super Bowl, the discounted rates are still holding up. So, if you want to get one for next year, you still have the chance to grab a good deal and be ahead of the game.

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