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Product Bite – Basketball Sneakernomics

Sneaker business in the US was $22 billion in 2013 with Nike accounting for 59% of the market, followed by Adidas with 10%. Basketball, right behind soccer, constitutes the second largest category in the US sneaker business ($4.5 billion). Now, that is a lot of moolah! This got me thinking about the correlation between NBA stars and their sneaker sales power.

nba_titlesHaving access to Indix’s product trove and doing some number crunching on top of that presented some very interesting insights. Michael Jordan is the clear winner both on and off the court!


Screenshot from Indix product intelligence app: Michael Jordan products

In 2013, the Jordan brand accounted for $2.25 billion in sales, followed by $300 million for LeBron and $50 million for Kobe. In fact, brand Jordan accounts for more sales than all of current active NBA stars combined.


LeBron products


Kobe products

This also reflects in the number of products sold under each of these star player brands with Jordan leading by a huge margin (1343 for MJ, 268 for LeBron and 72 for Kobe). LeBron James is the most selling brand among currently active players, but even he has a long way to go in surpassing MJ in sneaker influence. The king is not dead… at least not yet!

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