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Product Bite: Moisturizers at Drugstores

The onset of fall and the impending winter brings moisturizers to the fore in our daily personal care routines. There are so many different brands and ranges of products out there that it can get pretty overwhelming when you start perusing the aisles of a store. How do you choose what to buy? Granted that it’s not a high price purchase, but you want to make sure you are getting a quality product. I dug into the Indix Product API to look at Body Moisturizers under Skin Care. In the Indix taxonomy, the leaf nodes that fall under this are Lotions, Oils, Body Butters, and Creams. I looked at products sold online in two popular drugstores – Target and Walgreens – selling these 10 popular brands – Jergens, Johnson & Johnson, Lubriderm, Aveeno, Eucerin, Nivea, Curel, Burt’s Bees, Vaseline, and Olay. There are 140 products in common between the two stores.

BrandCircles2To begin with, when it comes to price, as you can see, these brands are all very competitive. Even the more natural brands like Burt’s Bees and Aveeno are pricing competitively against the traditional brands like Eucerin and Jergens. That’s interesting. I was expecting them to be priced much higher than the other brands. Vaseline though is priced significantly lower than others.


Based on just product count, the most popular brands at both stores are Johnson & Johnson (primarily making baby products), Aveeno, and Vaseline. And what are the most popular products between these two stores? I filtered the data by the number of stores and offers count. The number of stores is all the stores the product is sold at across the web, and offers count refers to the number of variants of the product across all the stores where it is sold.


Well, that should make your choice somewhat easier. I always spend a lot of time (more time than necessary!) mulling over the names of personal care products before deciding what to buy. Thanks to the product data I have, I could actually analyze the titles to look for the most recurrent words. The word “lotion” was left out since it was in about 80% of the titles. Some of the most recurrent words are “moisture”, “moisturizing”, “butter”, “dry”, “nourishing”, “healing”, “intensive”, “eczema”, “soothing” – it makes sense. These are all words that we would associate with fall and winter skin care. But it also makes you wonder about how all these products are basically saying the same thing in many different ways. That must be a tough job, being a product namer!


Lastly, the most interesting insight that came about was that all the products that are sold at both Target and Walgreens are priced lower at Target. The different is slight in most cases, but it’s there.


This is just a sliver of all the products available across the web. This sample shows us that there are very few stand-out markers that set brands apart from each other. I guess it just depends on personal preference and brand loyalty established over time.

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