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Presenting the Indix Televisions Category Report

A television set is one of the most ubiquitous items you come across in the average American household. In fact, Nielsen estimates there are 116.4 million TV homes in the US. Even with all the other devices that we use for visual entertainment, the television industry is always thriving. Depending on technology preference and budgets, the choices are aplenty. We wanted to find the story behind all these products. Whenever we have product data questions, we turn to the Indix Cloud Catalog for answers.

We looked at the data through three primary lenses: technology (plasma, LED/LCD, OLED), features (4K/Ultra HD/Smart TVs/3D TVs/Curved Screen), and screen size. The Indix Cloud Catalog shows that LED/LCD televisions are most prevalent on the market today. So we drilled down on those, from a total dataset of 6,501 in-stock products spanning 52,120 offers (product + store combinations) sold by 158 brands across 249 online stores. We wanted to discover the top brands and top stores based on product count, determine if there are particular trends seen in pricing over time, or if there is a correlation between features and pricing, etc.

Findings from the Indix Televisions Category Report were also recently cited in a Bloomberg Technology story on the best times to buy a new television set.


Here is a teaser of the insights from an analysis of more then 6,270 LED/LCD televisions on the market today:

  • Top five leading TV brands: Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, and Sharp
  • If you’re looking for an affordable brand offering wide assortment, go for Vizio.
  • Curved display screens are very expensive and still rare on the market.
  • Overall, TV prices are lowest in August and November, making those months the best time to buy.
  • For both affordability and choice, LED/LCD TVs in the 30- to 50-inch screen size range offer the best deals.
  • 90 days after release, average sale prices of TVs decline by 8%.

For more such insights and analysis, download the Indix Televisions Product Category Report now.

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