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Presenting the Indix Activewear Category Report

The Indix US office is in Seattle, and anywhere you go in Seattle, “athleisure” is a completely acceptable form of attire whether you’re shopping, running errands at the bank, or even eating at a fancy restaurant. And this phenomenon is not limited to Seattle alone. People are donning activewear in non-active situations all across the country. A Morgan Stanley report estimates that the activewear industry could add $83 billion in sales by 2020. It forecasts that activewear brands have a lot of growth potential.

Given the facts, we looked into the Indix Cloud Catalog to tease out what stories activewear product data was going to tell us. We wanted to cull out the leading brands, discern patterns and trends in assortment, and also determine if there were instances of gendered pricing, among other things.

Our database carries more than 445,000 in-stock activewear products spanning 385 brands and selling across 231 stores. Out of these, active tops, bottoms, and jackets and coats comprise 86% of the products, which formed the dataset we used for our analysis. One of the most interesting findings was to see just how many traditionally non-active brands are entering the industry. Whether it’s Aeropostale or Forever 21, everyone wants a piece of the athleisure pie. Download the complete Activewear Category Report here.


Here’s a teaser of some of the findings from our report:

  • On average, men pay more for activewear than women.
  • The North Face is the leading brand for active coats and jackets.
  • Nike carries the largest number of active shirts and tees.
  • Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are the leading brands for active bottoms.
  • Over the last two years, yoga pants were cheapest in August 2016.
  • There is a wide and varied assortment of yoga pants, suitable for any budget.

For more such insights and deeper analysis, download the Indix Activewear Category Report now!

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