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Presenting the Apple Blended Data Report

The Apple brand is synonymous with style, grace, innovation, and design, among other things. Long lines outside Apple stores on the day of a new iPhone release is a common sight. The buzz and excitement in September or October when they usually announce new releases is palpable, especially in tech-centered cities. We wanted to dig deeper into their product data. So, we got together with our friends at Graphiq to weave the data story together.

We tapped into our Cloud Catalog and pulled historical pricing data from Q1 2014 – Q3 2016, in addition to offers data from December 2016. Offers data includes store-level information like where the product is sold, availability, etc. Graphiq supplied quarterly revenue, unit sales, and stock price data. Blending this data together enabled us to get a richer and more comprehensive picture of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac product lines.

We uncovered noteworthy insights about,

  • how the demand curves for iPhones, iPads, and Macs differ from each other.
  • how Apple’s brand equity trumps price to influence sales.
  • how seasonality and product update announcements impact Apple’s quarterly revenue.
  • the relationship between Apple’s stock price and unit sales.
  • how Apple can be more competitive in the desktop computer category.

To know more and geek out on the analysis, download the Indix+Graphiq Apple Blended Data Report now.

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