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Presenting the Indix Shaving Category Report

Shaving is one of the most routine grooming activities, though the frequency of shaving varies depending on if you’re a man or a woman. According to this report, 75% of men shave every day whereas women shave about 12 times a month. Whatever the frequency, everyone needs and uses shaving products.

We were curious as to how these numbers translated to the online marketplace, so we did a search through the Indix Product API. It yielded more than 13,000 shaving products across 25 online stores, including shaving creams/gels/lotions, aftershaves, and razors. After analyzing and playing with the data, we distilled it into what became the Indix Shaving Category Report.

We parsed the data to not only glean the leading brands, but we also looked into price differences, price distribution, “Pink Tax” presence among similar products, and more. There were a lot of interesting insights, including the fact that there is a shaving cream that costs $14.4 per ounce! Do you want to know what it is? Then check out our report.

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Here are some of the other highlights from the report:

  • Gillette and Art of Shaving are leading shaving cream brands.
  • Shaving creams are cheaper than aftershaves.
  • Dana Canoe and Aramis are leading aftershave brands.
  • The range of aftershave prices stretches to more than $24 per ounce.
  • Only 11% of razors are targeted at women.
  • Gillette imposes a Pink Tax on disposable razors.

What other product data stories would you like us to tell? Please leave a comment below…

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