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Men’s Skin Care Market (Infographic)

The Indix Facial Skin Care Category Report illuminated different aspects of the skin care market, and men’s skin care in particular stood out as a segment. Research shows that men are spending more on male-specific toiletries than on shaving products! The global male skin care market is growing fast. Be it exfoliating scrubs, deodorants, serums, or moisturizers – they’re using it all. The question then comes up – are brands ready to meet this increasing demand, especially ones that have been nurturing female consumers for decades?

Despite the growing popularity of the segment, we found a significant lack of skin care products targeted to men as compared to those targeted at women.

Check out a visual representation of this discrepancy in our new infographic. A paltry 2.08% of the 2+ million skin care products in the online marketplace are targeted to men. Facial care products comprise more than 60% of all the products targeted to men.

Click here to view the infographic and stay tuned for more content on skin care.


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