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Product Bite – Back to School

It’s almost the end of summer. Here at Indix, we hear from team-members that most of their kids have just recently gone back to school. Hearing about all of their preparations, we thought it would interesting to take a quick spin through the Indix product intelligence application for interesting back-to-school insights.

Looking at the subcategory of Desk Accessories and Workspace Organizers within the larger Office and School Supplies category, we quickly identified 13,000+ products from 500+ brands across 152 stores.

But what really caught my attention was how drastically the product count grew leading up to the start of school!

From August 20th, overall product count has steadily increased from 8,845 products to 13,735 on September 3rd.


Screenshot from the Indix Product Intelligence App recorded on September 3rd, 2014.

Looking at average prices across these products, we saw the biggest decrease over Labor Day weekend with an average decrease of $9.97 across all the products. That is huge!

While it’s only a sliver of what’s in our app, it’s a powerful glance into the supply side of the back-to-school shopping experience.

Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more!

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