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Indix 4th of July Study: A Note on Grills and Coolers

4th of July – A day to feel proud and patriotic. A day to watch spectacular fireworks that celebrate freedom. Falling right at the beginning of summer, it is also a day when family and friends get together for a barbeque or picnic in the park, which in turn makes it a popular time of the year to shop for grills and coolers. We decided to track some products from, Marketplace,, and Marketplace to study the patterns on the supply side of this equation. Here are some of the interesting insights that came out of our research. 

  • With regards to coolers, the average price of products increased by 3.8% on Marketplace and 6.7% on in the week after 4th of July (7/5 – 7/11) compared to the week before (6/27 – 7/3) the holiday. This indicates that these coolers were discounted a week before 4th of July in order to increase sales. had approximately 40% more products on sale during the time than Marketplace.
  • We also tracked some bestselling grills on all the four websites mentioned above. decreased the average price on their best-selling grills by 4.6% in the week after July 4th, while decreased prices by 2.6%. Overall though, offered much better deals on grills than The average price of grills on was 45% more than that on

It is interesting that the prices of grills we tracked decreased in the week after the holiday while those of coolers increased. Without the sales data, it is difficult to come to an absolute conclusion. But it could be postulated that because of the deep discounts offered during this very popular outdoor holiday, people might be buying more grills than usual and then use them for other summer cookouts and tailgating parties.

Stay tuned for more studies like this one as we continue playing in the product intelligence playground.

Note: All research and compilation of data for this study was done by our intern Jeff Zhang.

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