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Hardware Product Bite: Nails, Screws, & Fasteners

When we think about products like nails, screws, and fasteners… well, we don’t really think much about them, do we? It’s nails and screws, for crying out loud. But working for a product data company, it’s fascinating to see the many dimensions and attributes associated with them. This information is important, for instance, to an industrial supply company that’s trying to plan their assortment and pricing strategy with comprehensive product data so that retailers and stores that order from them can make an informed decision. And ultimately, this benefits the end consumer, whoever that may be.

Market Mix: Nails, Screws, and Fasteners

Whether it’s a DIY home improvement project or building construction, nails, screws, and fasteners are needed everywhere. We explored the Indix Cloud Catalog and found 243,102 in-stock nails, screws, and fasteners from more than 111 brands and selling across 45 online stores. Over 70% of the products are Screws and Bolts. Let’s take a closer look at this sub-category.

Product Count & Price Per Piece of Different Types of Screws & Bolts

Package Size vs. Product Count

Package Size vs. Price Per Piece

Pivoting the data on dimensions like the type of screw and bolt or the package sizes and price per piece reveals interesting insights.

  • There are many different types of screws and the prices vary by about 90 cents across the range. Clearly, price isn’t a critical factor here.
  • The highest numbers of products are found in the 100–1,000-piece pack size category.
  • The sharpest price drop is seen between packs with 1–10 pieces and those with 10–100 pieces.
  • Most screws and bolts are made by small manufacturers. We did find the top three leading brands though – Hillman, Aspen Fasteners, and Uxcell.

For more such insights and analysis on not just Nails and Screws, but also Door Hardware and Locks, and Cabinet Hardware, check out our Hardware Category Report now.

Note: All datasets were pulled from the Indix Product API in December 2016 and include only “in stock” products.

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