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Halloween: Pokémon Costumes & Top Online Stores

Yesterday, we published a post about how women are penalized by having to pay more for costumes if they choose not to be “sexy,” or how little girls are pushed towards the “princess” themed costumes, as anything else costs a lot more. Why a holiday meant to celebrate creativity and fun is getting a bad rep for perpetuating stereotypes requires much deeper investigation. However, it’s easy to see that in addition to stereotypical costumes, topical costumes are also very popular. And what’s more topical this year than Pokémon? We ran some numbers on Pokémon costumes and looked at some of the top stores.

pokemon-go-1574001_640Within the Indix Product Information Marketplace, there are 1,131 in-stock Pokémon costumes being sold across 15 online stores. Rubie’s Costume Company is the leading manufacturer of Pokémon costumes, carrying almost 110 in their product line. If you want to be a Pokémon character, your best bet would be to dress up as the fuzzy yellow cutie pie Pikachu. Almost 38% of all Pokémon costumes are Pikachu-related. I guess Halloween costume manufacturers know which character is most popular. A majority of the costumes are quite affordable as well being priced below $50.



Sale Price Distribution of Pokémon Costumes

Which Online Store Should I Buy My Costume From?

We also analyzed some of the top online stores (by product count) for Halloween: Halloween Mall, Costumes4Less.com, HalloweenCostumes.com, Halloween Express, and AnytimeCostumes. The top two stores each carry more than 5,000 costumes. There’s plenty of inventory for you to choose from.


Halloween Costumes: Top Stores by Product Count

Here’s something interesting to consider: All the costumes at Halloween Express and Halloween Mall are on sales, which is super enticing. But the average discount rate for their products are not as high as the other stores. Costumes4Less.com and AnytimeCostumes offer almost 20% more discount than Halloween Express and Halloween Mall. Make sure you do your homework before you click on Buy.


How Many Products at These Stores Are on Sale?


Average Discount Rate at Top Stores

Most of us have a budget in mind as well when buying costumes that we technically wear only once. Thankfully, all these top stores have a lot of choices in the $20-$40 range. We did the work for you, so you can choose better.


Do let us know in the comments what you think of our data dive. Happy Halloween from the Indix team!

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