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Facial Moisturizers Assortment: A Creamy Indulgent Promise

shutterstock_378838399It’s hard to resist the temptation of skin care advertising, especially the luxurious promise of moisturizers – silky creamy indulgence cascading next to a radiant, smiling face. Skin is the largest organ of our body. Sounds weird I know, but it’s true! So, it’s not surprising that the skin care category is growing rapidly. The global skin care market is estimated to be worth $121 billion by the end of 2016. The US skin care market alone will reach $11 billion by 2018. That’s quite a lot of money spent taking care of our skin!

Access to the world’s largest database of product information motivated us to dig deeper into this market for insights. And guess what? Facial skin care comprises 47% of the more than 2 million skin care products found online. That makes sense considering our face is a primary making-first-impressions tool. Within that, a good facial moisturizer (cream, lotion, gel, what have you) is the cornerstone of a standard skin care routine.

Leading Moisturizer Brands

Which brands are ruling the roost for great facial skin? Here’s the lowdown based on product count. We distilled this list from 16,279 products across over a 1,000 brands. Brands were classified into Drugstore, Mid-Range, High-End, and Luxury based on a combination of pricing and channel – drugstores (includes pharmacies, supermarkets, and health food stores), department stores, boutiques, salons, etc.

Top 50 Moisturizer Brands by Product Count


Moisturizer Brands View by Segment


Natural brands comprise 30% of all moisturizers. Increased awareness about chemicals and additives has contributed to the growth and demand for natural and organic brands. This fast-growing segment accounts for a third of the natural and organic personal care industry overall.

Olay and L’Oreal are the clear leaders among drugstore brands. And how about Clinique leading the entire moisturizer segment? There is quite a range in the market with the number of brands per product ranging from 29 to 338. There is a brand out there to satisfy everyone’s whims and fancies. Speaking of catering to different needs, here are the top 100 words used in product titles used to describe creams, moisturizers, and lotions.


The “whitening”, “daily care”, and “anti-wrinkle” theme emphasizing youthfulness and radiance seems to carry across the board. Also, what is “cellumination”?!

Intrigued? If you want to read more about the facial skin care market, check out our category report.

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