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Product Bite: Don’t Let Go of That Elsa Doll!

It’s been over a year since Frozen was released, but for Disney, it’s the gift that keeps giving. Not only did Frozen become the highest grossing animated film of all time, but the licensed merchandize has spawned another cash cow. According to NRF’s (National Retail Federation) list of top toys for girls this holiday season, Frozen merchandize has dethroned Barbie from the no. 1 spot. This has happened for the first time in 11 years.

Earlier this year, Walmart released a list of the Top 20 Toys as part of their “Chosen by Kids” event. At second place on this list is the Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa doll. She sings, she glows, she sparkles, and she comes with her friend Olaf. If you are planning to gift this doll to a loved one, you better act fast!


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Taking a little peek into our product intelligence app, I saw that eight different online stores are carrying the product. However, given that Christmas is right around the corner, parents that didn’t buy it in advance will have a hard time getting a good deal. As of now, the price of the product ranges from approximately $28 to over a $100.


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What’s interesting is that over the past month, more sellers on Amazon Marketplace and Sears Marketplace have started selling the product (at a higher price), making the average price almost $66.


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According to the article about Walmart’s list published in September, at the time the doll was out of stock on Even today, after a price rollback (it costs $28.88 on, it is not available for shipping online. However, it is available to buy online and pick up at certain stores, if you are willing to make the hike. Else, parents will have to buy it from marketplace sellers at a higher price.

So folks, act fast and don’t leave this up to the last minute. It’s refreshing to see a children’s movie where princesses rescue themselves with an act of pure love. You don’t want to let this empowering queen go!

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