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Digital Cameras: The Data Story (Infographic)

When was the last time you used a film camera? If you’re a millennial, chances are you’ve never used one. If you belong to Gen Z, you may not have even seen one! The way we document our lives through pictures has changed more in the past decade or so than ever before. As a kid, I waited for days with my fingers crossed to get film developed. Fingers crossed because you didn’t know how the pictures would turn out. Digital technology brought instant gratification and much more to photography.

The first digital camera was developed at Kodak in 1975, but it was the early 1990s by the time it became mainstream in the market. By the early 2000s, digital cameras had replaced nearly all film cameras. The technology has improved by leaps and bounds since then. The global digital camera market is expected to reach a market value of $5 billion by 2020. Given that we have access to the world’s largest collection of structured product information, we wanted to explore the digital camera data story.

The Indix Cloud Catalog carries 12,298 in-stock digital cameras spanning 42,810 offers (product + store combinations) selling across 62 online stores from more than 35 brands. A majority of the assortment (about 60%) is still composed of point-and-shoot cameras, although the proliferation of high-quality smartphone cameras has hurt this sub-category. Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras occupy a rather small segment of the market right now.

Note that we analyzed digital cameras along two axes– body-only (just the camera unit) and bundles (these include accessories, lenses, tripods, covers, etc.). While the product count of point-and-shoot cameras is the highest, their average price is the lowest. DSLR cameras are more than 3.5 times as expensive as point-and-shoot cameras. We’ve distilled some of the insights on market mix, brands, and product features from our Digital Camera Category Report into an infographic – here’s a little teaser. You can view and download the full infographic here.

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