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Clean as a Whistle: Facial Cleansers Assortment

In a recent post, we looked at the facial moisturizers market and took a little peek into how diverse the ecosystem is. Today, let’s turn our attention to cleansers. Another essential part of a standard skin care routine, cleansing is the important first step that preps your skin for the creamy goodness of moisturizers.

Facial skin care products comprise nearly 47% of the more than 2 millions products on the online market, says the Indix Product API. We honed in on moisturizers, cleansers, and toners for our analysis. Numerically, cleansers lead these sub-categories with more than 30,000 products across over a 1,000 brands. Conclusion: there’s no dearth of choice when it comes to cleansers.

Which brands are ruling the roost here? Here they are based on product count and split into drugstore, mid-range, and luxury brands classification.

Top 50 Cleanser Brands by Product Count


Top 50 Cleansers Brands View by Segment


As seen with moisturizers, the popularity of “natural” products is obvious as they account for more than 30% of the brands. Here’s another remarkable fact: 72% of the brands are either drugstore or mid-range. Any guesses as to why that could be? We could speculate that since time spent with the product is limited (moisturizers stay on the skin all day, whereas cleanser is basically soap for the face), it might influence high-end and luxury brands to invest more in products like moisturizers. However, that being said, Shiseido leads in terms of product count although it’s an high-end brand.

We really enjoy analyzing product titles to measure the frequency of words. It always yields some interesting insights into naming conventions. How do the descriptive words for moisturizers in product titles compare to those for cleansers?

Moisturizers: Top 100 Descriptive Words from Product Titles


Cleansers: Top 100 Descriptive Words from Product Titles


“Gentle cleansing”, “deep cleansing”, “essential care”, “oily skin solutions”, and “acne treatment” are among the top ten descriptive words used for cleansers. “Deep cleansing” and “oily skin solutions” actually appear in nearly 47% of the titles. Comparing that to the moisturizer word cloud, we see some overlap and some differences. For instance, while “daily care” and “essential care” could signify the same function, the other descriptive words for cleansers emphasize cleansing and purifying, while those for moisturizers emphasize nourishment and nurturing.

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