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Antiperspirant Pricing: Revenge of the Stink

In August, we asked whether women’s antiperspirant stinks, and the answer was “it depends.” It looked like Dove was kind of giving women the middle finger, since men’s antiperspirants were at a lower per unit price.

After the post went live, we got a bit of flak, though. At one point, I found myself justifying whether measuring by the unit was a relevant way to look at the “woman tax.” During this discussion, I realized that there were two things that would be interesting to check: One I brought up in the original post, which is pricing per ounce. The other is whether men and women use antiperspirant or deodorant at different rates.

To find out about usage rates, we decided to run a highly scientific1 experiment in the Indix Seattle office:


In the interest of scientific rigor,2 we also wanted to transparently share our numbers:



As you can see, we didn’t find much of a difference. I used as much antiperspirant per use as two of the men, and more than another two. And since I am clearly the epitome of all things female,3 this clearly means that men and women do not use antiperspirant at appreciably different rates.

If you wish to see whether our results are reproducible, you are more than welcome to run the experiment under the same parameters described in the video. I’m sure you will find the same inconclusive results.4

Our next research on antiperspirant pricing will contain a per ounce analysis. And we will indeed get to that. Eventually. Right now, we might be too busy basking in the glory of our usage results.


1Not even remotely scientific. Not at all. I’m not sure we can even call it an experiment.

2Not actual rigor. Or actual science.

3Stop laughing.

4My diploma from MIT stating that I have a degree in biology just spontaneously combusted.

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One thought on “Antiperspirant Pricing: Revenge of the Stink”

  1. Posey Wilson says:

    Not cool, Dove! Not buying your deodorant again. Equality people, get on board.

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