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The Critical Role of Cloud-Based APIs

Here at Indix, we love our APIs. We believe in their transformative power and ability to let businesses innovate and build robust products. A few months ago, our Founder and CEO Sanjay Parthasarathy wrote a couple of posts about the role of APIs in the world. In his first post, Sanjay talked about how APIs are becoming indispensable and re-shaping everything we do in the digital world. In the second post, he focused on the impact APIs can have on the customer journey in commerce. Sky is the limit when it comes to extracting value from APIs and iterating faster and more efficiently in your business.

We’ve been using the Apigee API management platform for a long time now, and it’s been a great experience. The platform takes care of everything on the back end and lets us focus on improving our data quality and other core business components. To add more color to the conversation, we got together with our friends at Apigee to share more perspectives on APIs. Alex White runs Apigee’s Rapid Launch program, which helps companies deploy APIs faster. He and Sanjay compared thoughts on various topics related to cloud-based APIs and launching an API program, on the Apigee blog.

The thing about APIs is that if you’re building a self-driving car, you don’t have to worry about building a traffic and maps app too. You can plug into an API and focus on your core technology. In the first part of their conversation, Sanjay and Alex elaborated on their definition of “digital” and “innovative”, the value proposition of building a cloud-based API, and things to take care of before launching an API program, among other things. Read the full post here.

We believe that the value of APIs extends beyond the basic monetization aspect. Sanjay and Alex share their thoughts on this in the second piece, and also talk about the use of APIs versus other technologies, and some of the challenges that companies face while deploying cloud-based API programs. Click here to read the post.

We’d like to thank Sanjay, and Alex and Olaf at Apigee for helping us with this content. Here’s to the future!

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