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Product Awareness has Arrived

Commerce has changed more in the past few years than it has in the past five decades. The way we discover and buy products has gone through a paradigm shift. Technology facilitated this revolution and made commerce pervasive. In the age of pervasive commerce, every interaction with a consumer in the physical world or online is an opportunity to inform, educate, and sell products.

watch-1adf99f6ab9503617aa50bbfe5dff093With consumers being continuously connected to the Internet via their smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops, wearable devices and such, they expect personalized and relevant product information as soon as the thought of buying something comes up in their mind.

By far, the biggest shift to have occurred over the past few years is that of digital shopping and the possibilities that it offers for businesses to wow consumers. The days of destination-based commerce are long gone. Commerce is now pervasive, personalized, participative, and dynamic. And what enables this kind of commerce? Product-aware apps and websites.

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Product-aware apps have access to real-time offers (price, promotion, availability) and catalog (brands, attributes, product tags) product data, generating the most relevant and personalized product offer for the consumer. Amazon’s big announcement today launching the Fire Phone validates and emphasizes the need for businesses to build more product-aware apps. The Firefly technology on the phone has the ability to recognize the millions of products in Amazon’s database through text and image recognition. The item is then directly added to the consumer’s cart for convenient purchase.

Product-aware apps are the future of commerce. Who doesn’t want to take the pain out of shopping by just pointing at whatever they want and having it dropped into their lap? Along with the need for product-aware apps, this consequently points to the logical need for a universal product database. Product-aware apps cannot be built without a structured product database. With the Fire Phone, every product in the Amazon database is now just a tap away. They have an organized and structured database that powers this experience. So how are other businesses going to ride this wave?

Brands and retailers need to become technology companies that are selling product-aware experiences. At Indix, we are building the world’s largest product database and APIs to enable brands, retailers and developers to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right place, every time. Nobody has, until now, had access to a complete and comprehensive view of all the product information on the Internet.

Indix’s infinite product catalog in the cloud offers comprehensive, dynamic, and up-to-date offers and catalog related information on a broad selection of products to a deep level of detail with lots and lots of attributes such as price, material, color, discounts, availability, ingredients, where designed, where manufactured and so on. Our mission is collect, organize and analyze the world’s product information so that everyone can act on it.

Product-awareness has arrived. Are you equipped for success? We are here to help you succeed and exceed consumer expectations. We’re in it to help you win it.

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2 thoughts on “Product Awareness has Arrived”

  1. thirumal says:

    out of limited understanding I had this question when I was going through your blog.
    Given that now amazon owns its product database with ‘ability to visually recognize product’.
    What is the advantage edge that indix is giving out?

    1. Hi Thirumal,

      At Indix, we are building the world’s deepest and broadest database. We have APIs that developers can tap into to build product-aware apps that have access to real-time offers and catalog data, including price, promotions, channels, competition, assortment and product attributes. Our platform edge is the breadth and scale of data, quality of data, sophisticated machine learning and big data algorithms, and customer service. If you have more detailed questions and are interested in building a product-aware app, please email me at shalen AT indix DOT com.


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