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Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Graphs

One of the most interesting slides in the announcement of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn is the one below – it shows the Microsoft and LinkedIn graphs.

microsoft slide

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In an earlier blog post, I had written about the most important indexes. A useful and valuable index becomes an essential service for many apps. The Microsoft and LinkedIn graphs are a mashup of three essential indexes – People, Businesses, and Documents.

Microsoft’s stated goal to reinvent productivity naturally lead to this outcome. Productivity apps alone just don’t cut it anymore. These apps need to have access to structured data and insights to continue to improve productivity. Machine learning and AI technology that can take advantage of the structured data and insights are the way to continue to help people and businesses become even more productive.

You can imagine a “commerce graph” that brings together graphs for people, products, and businesses. It will look something like this. The dotted lines show examples of possible connections on the commerce graph.

Commerce Graph for Blog

By connecting the world’s commerce network with the indexes or graphs essential to commerce, you can create more interesting, intelligent, and productive experiences for buying and selling anything.

In the future, graphs, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are the technologies that will drive greater value and productivity in commerce.

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