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Evolution of the Catalog (Infographic)

Do you know what day it is? It is National Mail Order Catalog Day. Today, August 18, we celebrate our access to product information and the convenience of procuring the products we need and want.

Aaron Montgomery Ward, of Chicago, introduced the first Montgomery Ward mail-order catalog in August 1872 and is credited with launching the mail-order industry. But it was actually way back in 1744 that Benjamin Franklin invented the mail-order catalog to sell scientific and academic books. Later of course, several businesses right from Sears to J.Crew and Tiffany’s started flooding our mailboxes with catalogs parading their products on glossy pages.

Catalogs have long been a part of our daily lives in different forms. Back in the 80s, they came in the mail, and today, we use them for online shopping in their digital incarnation. At its core is access to product information, and the ability to make an informed choice when buying something.

In our new infographic, you can get more insight into the evolution of the catalog, when it was conceived, how it has changed, and where it is going in the future. Here is a little teaser. Click on it to get the full infographic.

Artboard 6

Our Founder & CEO Sanjay Parthasarathy believes the definition and nature of the product catalog is ever-evolving. Today, there is tons of information about products as in addition to merchants, brands, and retailers, consumers are also contributing to it. Although this information lives in different places on the web, we have the technology and intelligence to harness and optimize it. The dynamic digital product catalog will help consumers discover the right product and get it through one of infinite channels powered by AI and other game-changing technologies.

For more on the current and future status of the product catalog, watch this QnA with Sanjay.



Happy National Mail Order Catalog day from the Indix family. Order something today!

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