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It’s Time for Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce. It’s the new “new thing”. I’ve been encountering a rash of articles on the topic, and I am a believer. Conversational Commerce is the logical next step up from social commerce. Conversations between friends, between brands and their customers, and even between bots and consumers. Brands are in a great position to have a meaningful conversation with its customers. But it poses an existential challenge for merchants because there is no orderly channel (or omni-channel) for them to connect with consumers.

So, how is a merchant supposed to participate in the conversation? It’s probably time for them to build their own bot that can participate in the conversations everywhere on the Web. How many of them are willing and able to take this step? Apps and e-commerce sites won’t move the needle in Conversational Commerce. Amazon is already on the way with its Alexa bot. Exciting times.

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