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Brands, Technology & Shopping

I love design. I don’t love gadgets. I love brands. I don’t love technology (but I like it!). I LOVE shopping.

What’s really interesting to me as an executive and investor is that in recent years, I have become the early adopter of new technology gadgets.

Why is this happening?

shutterstock_95690419IMHO, it is because technology is more and more about brands and design and the experience of acquiring “stuff” than it is about function or features. Apple started it all, Tesla is another great example (sometimes I think Teslas are just iPhone 6 PLUS PLUS PLUSes), and so we go. When Apple hired the head of design from Burberry, it became a sure bet that I (and people like me) would begin to dominate the ranks of the early adopter troops.

So, I sit around talking to my Echo to make shopping that much easier (it kind of works but it REALLY needs to come in more colors). I use my Ringly to keep track of important texts when my Apple watch isn’t dressy enough for my outfit. My Dash button has gone unused so far (I don’t need any more toilet paper yet), but I had to have one right away. I get a lot of compliments on my latest Apple laptop—not because it works so well, but because it is gold (which was darn important to me when I bought it).

476552169As I think about it, what’s happening is that both what I shop for and how I shop are expanding. Shopping is now pervasive with products being presented to me all the time in innovative ways. I am now the biggest buyer of technology in my circle—more than my husband, more than my sons and more than my male friends. And that’s partly because of what technology is now (design), which motivates my shopping, but also because all shopping is becoming more technology enabled.

This means that as a shopper of extraordinary skill (if I do say so myself!), and given the fact that brands are becoming technology companies, I have to master the latest shopping tools to keep in the game. If I used to work on my friends network to get early access to the sale table, I now need to make sure I have the latest comparison shopping app, right?

Where’s it all going? Who knows! But design is eating software and I’m shopping for and with it every day!

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