Featured in GigaOM – As Sites and Services Become Product-Aware, the Age of Pervasive Commerce Begins

As sites and services become product aware, the era of pervasive commerce begins.

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way that we buy or sell products today. These changes are expediting our entry into the era of pervasive commerce – where every interaction in the physical world or on the web is an opportunity to inform, educate and buy or sell products and services. Increased investment in product intelligence and product awareness in 2014 will enable apps, services and websites to become “product aware” and hyper-personalized to deliver the right product information at the right time to the right person. Early signs of this contextual product awareness can already be seen in the Pinterest developer API. By using this, companies can showcase popular pins on their website and mobile apps, essentially converting a pin into a product offer. Intrigued? Read more about an exciting product aware future in our CEO and Founder Sanjay Parthasarthy’s article on GigaOM here.

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