The Internet is a Dirty Place Webinar | Collecting & Refining Product Data



Webinar | The Internet Is a Dirty Place

Here at Indix, we get a lot of our product information from crawling the internet. And we’ve discovered something that’s a little horrifying: the internet is a dirty place!

We’re referring to the issues we face every day when we’re trying to collect, organize, and refine the world’s product data. We see poor product categorization, improper brand assignment, insane product names, and many more issues. This isn’t shiny, clean data–it’s downright filthy.

Unfortunately, filthy product data will hold back your analysis and commerce goals. When you need to produce accurate, actionable insights, you need to be able to, at a minimum, clean the data enough to make it usable.

The Internet Is a Dirty PlaceWe knew that we needed to make our product information usable and actionable, so what did we do when we realized that the internet was full of dirty socks? Well, we built our own washing machine.

Virtually sit down with our product team to learn the following:

  • What makes the internet such a dirty place
  • Why gathering and using product data isn’t easy or straightforward
  • How we build our data “washing machine”

View our webinar – The Internet Is a Dirty Place: Improving Commerce Through Better Product Data

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Webinar - The Internet Is a Dirty Place

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