(Video) Our Love Affair with Design - Indix



(Video) Our Love Affair with Design

We launched Indix on October 16, 2013. This was followed by customer acquisition, press coverage, brand awareness, and celebration. Since then, many of the world’s leading brands and retailers including Microsoft have become our customers and praised us on the scale, design, and overall UX of the Indix app.

Good design is deeply rooted in our team culture and reflected in our app. We think that good design and beautiful software makes you a happy user, improves your relationship with the software and increases your productivity. By the same design token, we felt that on our home page, we needed to do a better job of explaining our vision and ambition of building the world’s biggest database of products. Therefore, we have completely redesigned our home page and created a new video to share our story. We hope you like the new design of our home page. Enjoy the video!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback.


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