Upcoming Webinar: Ingesting and Structuring Product Data from the Web

Recently, we’ve spent some time talking about the challenges of working with product data on the internet. Jatin Kakkar, our VP of Product Management, has given a webinar and written three blog posts outlining the challenges we’ve seen with dirty data.

To put it in Jatin’s words:

“Indix collates product data from many sources like various web properties, data feeds acquired from retailers, brands, and other partners. This huge load of data goes into the Indix spin cycle which organizes the data around key pivots like a standardized brand dictionary, and a common category taxonomy across the sources. Next, it is refined to drop data which does not meet strict quality guidelines. Finally, this data is structured to a simple to understand JSON format and indexed.”

Now, we’ll dig into ingestion and organization and talk about the underlying technology and architecture behind the way Indix does it in our upcoming webinar on “Ingesting and Structuring Product Data from the Web.”

During this webinar on Thursday, October 27, Dinesh Krishnamurthi from the Indix product team will walk you through:The Internet Is a Dirty Place: Improving Commerce Through Better Product Data

  • Our crawl ingestion architecture
  • How we put together a unified record format and our product taxonomy
  • What makes crawl ingestion incredibly complex

Join us Thursday, October 27 at 10 a.m. PDT/ 1 p.m. EDT for our webinar – “Ingesting and Structuring Product Data from the Web.”

We’ll be taking questions from the attendees, so you also have an opportunity to ask our product team about any ingestion or data structuring mysteries that have been keeping you up at night. Register now!

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Ingesting and Structuring Product Data from the Web

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