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TrendBrew Accelerates Time to Market and Scales to 4,000+ Retailers Using Indix and Two Tap

Build or Integrate?

When TrendBrew decided to embark on a journey to create “A Social Trending Network” for ecommerce, food, sports, media and entertainment, they had a decision to make. Would they build the product data and checkout infrastructure themselves, or would they partner with other companies to do it?

TrendBrew didn’t have a small vision. Their vision was to deliver a network where influencers and shoppers could identify and purchase top trending products from hundreds of retailers at a one-stop shop.

TrendBrew planned to build a trending network that had multiple offers for each product, that would aggregate and link blogs and videos to specific products, and that would allow shoppers to easily earn rewards. They needed a lot of selection and simplicity—the ease of socially buzzing with a single click and a seamless checkout experience was critical.

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Speed Matters

“We considered developing the capabilities in-house, but we quickly realized that meeting aggressive time-to-market deadlines and scaling up retailers would be challenging,” said Shirish Arashanapalli, Founder and CEO of TrendBrew. “Speed was absolutely critical.”

TrendBrew wanted to launch in less than a year, and needed to design, build the platform, and form affiliate partnerships before that. After careful evaluation, TrendBrew selected Indix to provide product information and offers, and Two Tap to enable a seamless checkout experience via its lightweight universal shopping cart technology.

Scaling Fast

TrendBrew soft launched in the first week of September 2015 with over 1.2 million page views and 400,000 product views in the first three months. Inbound traffic included bloggers, stylists, fashion designers, shoppers, and online boutiques from USA, UK, Canada, Brazil and India—exactly the audience they were trying to reach.

By integrating Indix for product information and the Two Tap universal shopping cart, TrendBrew was able to focus their efforts on product design and building partnerships. TrendBrew is an affiliate partner of 160 retailers and brands, including Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, Timex, Nike, and several others.

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“With Indix, we retrieve product information across thousands of retailers with just one simple API call. This allowed us to scale up to over 4,000 retailers almost immediately,” said Arashanapalli. “Two Tap allows our users to seamlessly add items and go through the checkout process in the most frictionless way without leaving our site. We also love Two Tap’s real-time product availability check, which means that our users check out with accurate pricing and in-stock information.”

Using Indix product information and the Two Tap lightweight shopping cart allowed TrendBrew to launch a beautiful, fun social commerce network in only a few months. TrendBrew is now looking forward to scaling to millions of users with Two Tap and Indix.

About TrendBrew

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TrendBrew is a social commerce network connecting shoppers and influencers (Bloggers, Vloggers, Stylists, Fashion Designers, etc.) in an ecosystem consisting of retailers, brands, boutiques and card networks.

TrendBrew’s unique network aggregates top trending products from over 4,000 retailers. It provides multiple offers for each product and price comparison, and users earn rewards for every purchase. Users can also “Wish My Price” or populate “My Timeline” and get personalized offers.


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