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Top 5 Features of Our New Dev Portal

Today, we announced immediate availability of our new Product API portal in partnership with Apigee. The Indix developer portal offers simple access to our scalable and secure API, enabling companies of all sizes to build applications that anticipate, guide, and help consumers and organizations decide what to buy and sell. You can read more about the advantages of this partnership in our official press release.


We’re particularly excited about this announcement because using the Apigee API management platform allows us to bring significantly more features to the awesome braniacs who develop apps, products, and platforms that use the Indix Product API. Here are the top five features we’re excited about:

1. Apigee Power and Stability

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re big fans of Apigee. We ran an exhaustive comparison of the best-of-breed API management platform companies, and Apigee blew away the competition. We’re confident that the robust Apigee platform will bring increased stability to our developers.

They’ve been incredibly responsive to all of our needs, and we’ve enjoyed working with them so much that we’ve done a twitter chat and CIO interview with them. Their focus on retail aligns well with our business, and we’re looking forward to working with them as we continue to improve our Product API.

2. Documentation and Sample Code

When we talked to developers who used our Product API, they said that they would love to have better development resources to help them take advantage of the powerful filters and features of our Product API. In this new dev portal, we’re pleased to offer direct links to the client libraries we have on Github.

Even more exciting, however, is our revamped documentation. Now developers can construct their query, test it, and get the code they need for that query right from the documentation:

API documentation


3. Awesome Reporting

With the new portal, Indix customers can get reports of both calls and credits, in addition to a calculation of credits remaining in the month. They can break it down by user, app, endpoints, and days/hours. This is a vast improvement over our previous reporting and will help admins better manage their accounts. (The internal reporting is amazingly awesome, too.)

4. Consolidated Billing

Speaking of helping admins manage accounts, our new portal also introduces consolidated billing for companies on our standard plans. Admins will receive a consolidated monthly bill for all of the users and plans in their company.

5. Forums

Perhaps the feature I’m personally most excited about is our last one: developer forums. We’ve built a place for an open dialog between the developers who use the Indix Product API and the developers who build it. The rest of the Indix team will hang out here as well; we look forward to seeing first-hand what kind of challenges and discoveries happen during implementation and use. And we look forward to building a community of developers who help each other as well.

There are many more new features in our new portal than just these five; sign up or log in and let us know what you think!

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