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SnipSnap Powers Mobile Price Matching with Indix

Talking to our innovative customers is always fun, but talking to Ted Mann, founder and CEO of SnipSnap was particularly exciting. In the past three-and-a-half years, they’ve assembled the biggest mobile database of in-store coupons. That’s pretty amazing scale, and, as you know, we like talking data.

SnipSnap recently launched a new offering that broadens their platform past coupons and allows them to deliver other types of deals on smartphones. It’s called Scout, and they chose to partner with us to power mobile price match. Read more about the partnership in our press release.

I have to admit that I’m not much of a coupon-clipper, but comparison shopping via my phone? Yes, please. I didn’t want to wait to try the service, so I decided to give it a shot with things around my desk. Spoiler alert: it’s wicked cool.

First I decided to try my mouse. I snapped a picture via the SnipSnap Scout feature, and then they asked me some qualifying questions:

SnipSnap Scout Mouse 1

They found my mouse and asked me to confirm. A minute or two later, they returned the best deal and allowed me to go right to it to buy it, as you see here:

SnipSnap Scout Mouse 2

Hey, cool! But I didn’t think that was much of a challenge, so I decided to go with my water bottle next and set them a price to beat. I thought it might be tough, since I’m pretty sure that my particular water bottle has been discontinued for a new model that looks different. I started a new Scout request, uploaded my picture, and gave them my price when they asked:

SnipSnap Scout Water Bottle 1

Interestingly, my water bottle was actually dark blue rather than grey, but I figure that with the lighting I wasn’t going to be nitpicky. Despite the bottle’s being discontinued, Scout found a match at a really good price:

SnipSnap Scout Water Bottle 2

Score! They even told me how much I saved over the price I wanted to beat. Now I’m trying to resist taking pictures of everything around me to see what they can do, and I really can’t wait to go shopping with Scout.

Aside from my fan-girl love of Scout, I also find it exciting that we’re powering the price matching behind their cutting-edge image recognition technology. We love partnering with innovators like Ted and his team, and we’re looking forward to Scout’s growth.

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