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Self-Serve Indix Product API – The Story So Far

shutterstock_239025073On November 1st 2015, we gave the entire world access to the Indix Product API. Along with simple self-serve access, we also launched a free trial that provides 200,000 free credits to use across the data endpoints.

Early signs were good, and many people responded positively:

“It was great – love the fact that you don’t have to give your CC right off the bat for payment.”

It wasn’t until we had a few days in the saddle that we got a stronger sense for the velocity and overall interest in our Product API. For that, the story of self-serve success is best told by the numbers:

  • 434 sign-ups from:
  • 29 countries, from Australia to Luxembourg
  • 163 cities, from Hong Kong to Pittsburgh
  • 366 specified companies, including everything from tiny startups to a few mom-and-pop stores to a couple in the Fortune 50
  • More people signed up on December 3rd than any other day (25)
  • In the last 30 days, we’ve had over 2 million calls to the API
  • On average, people use the most credits on Wednesdays, but they make the most calls on Mondays (by a hair).
  • The highest credit usage each day is usually around noon

We’re pretty excited by these numbers.  But we also got feedback that we can do more (a lot more) to help people get the data they’re looking for:

The signing up process was smooth … Now the question is, how do I use your API to get the data I need?

And we definitely hear you. We’re writing new how-to content right now, and we’ll put more into it as we hear back from you about what you’ll find most useful.

So while it’s been only 40 days with our Self-Serve API in the wild, we’re excited about the engagement by developers.

But perhaps the most exciting thing to us internally is that Chennai is finally drying out. Our incredibly dedicated team in India kept everything up and running despite flooding, lack of power, and even our office internet provider going out at one point.

We think technology at Indix is best in class (and we hope you agree), but our people and their strength of character have really shined over the past month.

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