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Revolabs Reinvents Audio Go-to-Market with Indix

Randy Lee had a big task when he came to Revolabs as Director of Strategic and Channel Marketing two-and-a-half years ago: he needed to put together a robust lead generation engine that would feed sales. They implemented a classic push-pull organization where one part of the sales team pushed product into the channel, while another part focused on end users to create pull through it. Randy decided to leverage their online presence to create more sales opportunities with Revolabs’ channels. In order to achieve this, the website needed more than just a “contact us” form.

Furthermore, Revolabs’ customer personas were shifting. Historically most conference audio purchases were driven by professional audiovisual service installers. However, this audio world was increasingly being taken over by IT professionals for everything but the biggest conference room installations.

“The challenge with selling to IT is that the IT market space is noisy and crowded with tons of vendors,” said Randy. “IT professionals generally have less experience with conference audio, and many of the solutions out there are inadequate. Our challenge is to get brand awareness out there.”

IT professionals were accustomed to buying directly from direct market resellers (DMRs), and Revolabs had great product lines that addressed their needs better than the competition. The challenge Revolabs found was that DMRs typically only paid attention when big dollars and expensive programs were involved.

As a smaller manufacturer, Revolabs could only do so much from a big dollar perspective. To garner more attention from resellers, Randy had to bring them leads and show how they were leading to sales. He realized that they needed to change the nature of the ecommerce relationship in the B2B sphere, especially since he was dealing with an indirect sales model that precluded their own online store.

“That’s when we said, ‘You know what? Maybe we should have a Buy Now button for our products.’ With a Buy Now button, as IT people researched products and solutions, they could check pricing and then immediately buy directly from the resellers they prefer,” said Randy. “Our ultimate goal was to provide a way for interested parties to buy something right away from our resellers, while also demonstrating the value of our relationships with our key partners.”

That’s when Randy turned to Goldstein Group Communications and Hileman Group to redesign the web experience and help them implement the Buy Now button to drive qualified traffic directly to their preferred partners.

To implement the Buy Now button, the team started looking for an alternative to the closed Google Product Search API that they could access programmatically. They did considerable research online identifying several options and ultimately reduced it down to two, finally recommending Indix.

“We recommended Indix to Revolabs because of the Product API,” said Brett Colasanti, who managed the Indix implementation. “It provided features similar to the Google Product Search API, but it also had advanced product searching options, provided detailed product information, and was simple to use.”

During implementation, Brett and the team worked closely with Indix customer success in order to make sure the resellers listed only included Revolabs’ preferred partners.

The implementation of the Buy Now button uses the Indix Product API to find product information from online stores selling Revolabs’ products. Each qualifying Revolabs product displays a link to the online stores’ product pages alongside the current prices at those stores. This allows visitors to easily view the pricing from each of the preferred online distributors and go directly to the store page to purchase the product.

Revolabs Buy Now Button

Through this implementation, Revolabs can list out each product and tell its partners how many click-throughs have been driven from the Revolabs site to the retailers’ sites. The resellers can even track an uptick in sales when Revolabs runs promotions with them.

Great things have come out of the Buy Now button initiative. Revolabs can now materially prove support of preferred resellers. This subsequently piqued the interest of other resellers with whom Revolabs does not yet have a strategic relationship. In the three months since implementation, Randy has seen 15-20% month-over-month growth of Buy Now button click-throughs, and he anticipates further growth and stronger partnerships to come.

“The Buy Now button creates an incentive for resellers who want to be on our ‘Buy Now’ list. We’ve had an uptick in requests from Europe, and we’re adding more resellers globally,” according to Randy. “It’s a snowball effect. The more our current strategic partners see value in our generation of sales activity for them, the more they want to grow our relationship, and the more other resellers see that and want to join as well.”

Indix and Revolabs look forward to growing together as we ensure that the expansion to EU resellers succeeds. Randy feels secure that he will be able to generate global sales leads for his strategic partners by working with Indix to ingest and display Buy Now buttons for the EU partner sites.

About Revolabs

RevolabsRevolabs delivers better communication in the world of business with professional microphone systems and conference phones for telephony and unified communications. The company’s introduction of wireless microphones for conferencing revolutionized business communications by allowing unprecedented freedom in meetings. Revolabs’ ability to produce superior sound in large, complex spaces inspires a full portfolio of conferencing solutions that enable the most reliable and natural conversation in every meeting space. With a full range of choices—from installed to simple plug-and-play systems, wireless or wired solutions, and local or cloud-based management—Revolabs offers the most flexible and uniform set of solutions to accommodate the needs of the entire business. Revolabs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, one of the world’s most respected names in audio. Together they are redefining the market for business audio solutions. The company is headquartered in Sudbury, Massachusetts. More information can be found at

Randall LeeHaving held positions in engineering, production, applications, product management, product marketing, and sales, Randall Lee brings an extensive knowledge and understanding of company operations to his position of Director of Strategic and Channel Marketing. Prior to joining Revolabs, Lee was at Sensata Technologies Inc., where he served as market segment manager for the global sensor supplier. Previously, he held the positions of director of technical marketing and sales for TEL Epion; senior industry marketing manager for Keithley Instruments Inc.; and director of CMD business development for FEI Company. Moreover, Lee has also participated in the development of five patents for the focused ion beam and data storage industries and holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

About Goldstein Group Communications

Goldstein GroupGoldstein Group Communications, a technology b‑to‑b agency, brings an unusual combination of corporate communications management and engineer-level writing capability to its national client roster. With deep experience in electronics and industrial markets, the agency is able to draw on its skills to articulate with impact and clarity the technical advantages its clients bring to their customers. Unlike other agencies, staff members for the most part have built their careers on the corporate side of the desk, rather than as agency executives, a perspective that results in a higher level of accountability and measurability in the agency’s programs.

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