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All New 5 Key Use Cases

If you check out today, you’ll immediately notice something different on the home page. Less text. More visuals. And a lot more energy! We made this change to help visitors quickly see the broad capabilities of our Product Intelligence platform.

In earlier versions of the website, we focused on how we help optimize offers for retailers. Having been in the market for over a year now, and working with customers on a broader set of challenges, we realized that it’s time to further clarify all areas of the Indix value proposition. Our new design is an effort in this direction.

The new homepage highlights the 5 key use cases where we create value for brands, retailers and developers:

  • Search: Find comprehensive product information using varying completeness of input criteria.
  • Optimize: Track price, promotion, assortment, and availability, as well as MAP violations by market and channel to optimize your offers.
  • Enrich: Enhance product catalog attributes, facets and tags to improve product discovery and conversion.
  • Analyze: Compare your catalog and offers against competitors and the market to identify gaps, opportunities and trends.
  • Learn: Collect, organize and analyze public and private product data at scale, using Indix machine learning algorithms.

Optimizing offers is still an important part of the Indix value proposition — but with our Apps, APIs, and machine learning services, Indix is here to help you boost your product intelligence on a lot more than just offers.

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