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New Indix Brand and Website Refresh

Today, we went public with a new look for the Indix brand, and a completely redesigned presence on the web. The goals of the changes were to:

  • Capture the energy and innovation of the Indix platform in the brand.
  • Improve the navigation and content on the website so that visitors can more easily see the capability and value of the the Indix Product Intelligence Platform.
  • Elevate the discovery of content such as white papers and videos.
  • Highlight the incredible team at Indix, and expose more elements of the Indix culture and team spirit.

In this version of the site, you’ll immediately notice a number of changes in the overall look and feel with a completely new brand identity, logo and colors.  One area where you won’t see a change is our tagline — Indix remains “everything about products.”

When you explore the site, you should also find a lot of new content as well as greater depth to what was previously there. A few things to point out:

  • Video: We’re using video in the header on the home page to help set the context for where Product Intelligence is changing commerce — namely enabling Pervasive Commerce.
  • Navigation: We added two new areas of content in this version: Solutions and Resources. Solutions is where we highlight the use cases and how Indix can help solve specific customer problems. Resources is where you’ll find white papers, videos, information on support, partner information, and an FAQ section. Overall, we also added a number of connections within each page so visitors can easily find relevant and related content.


It’s an exciting time at Indix. Building the world’s largest product database, and driving the creation of the Product Intelligence category is incredibly fulfilling work.  We hope that our new brand and website help you find the information you’re looking for as well as help you better understand how Product Intelligence can be a game changer for your business.

If you have feedback on the site or how we can help your company improve the impact of decisions related to the making and selling of products and the enabling of Pervasive Commerce, give us a shout.

  Download the Pervasive Commerce White Paper

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