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Introducing Product Descriptions & Standardized Attributes

We’re excited to announce immediate availability of standardized product attributes and natural language generated (NLG) product descriptions – in partnership with Narrative Science – at scale for retailers, marketplaces, and ecommerce companies. Read more in the official press release here.

After talking to hundreds of retailers, marketplaces, and ecommerce companies, we realized that their primary challenges were identical: in order to remain competitive, they need to make it easier for their customers to find and buy products from them. To improve SEO (find) and conversion rate optimization (buy), however, can be extraordinarily resource-intensive. The most effective tactic–creating new product content–takes the most time and money. Doing the research and writing to provide each product with good attributes and product descriptions can cost $5-$15 per product. Doing this at scale can cost millions of dollars.

At Indix, we’re obsessed with solving product problems at scale. We also have the world’s largest Cloud Catalog, and we believed that we could solve this problem at scale at a much lower price point than has been available historically. Our catalog contains attributes for each of our 800+ million products; these attributes could be used to help our customers create great new content.

First, we had to standardize attributes. We collect data from many different sources (brand feeds, retailer feeds, and our own polite crawls), and it seemed that each one had different sets of attributes for the exact same product. The “soup” of key-value pairs for a single product could include height in inches, height in centimeters, and even different terms for the word “height” (for example, “Height”, “Ht.”, and “Product Height”). Without standardization, these attributes are essentially useless to our customers without a huge amount of development work, which would drive up the price for product content.

We determined the mandatory attributes for each category, worked on standardizing attribute keys, values, and units of measure, and we now have over 69 million products with all of their category’s required attributes standardized. There are 20 million products in our Cloud Catalog with more than 10 attributes standardized, including Brand, Category, UPC, MPN, and SKU/ASIN. Some categories have very few attributes, while others have hundreds.

Here is an example of our standardized attributes for an Amana refrigerator. The number of attributes depends on the category, but this is a good example of how deep the attributes can be.

(click to enlarge)

Having standardized attributes at scale only solved half of the SEO and conversion issue, however. One of the most compelling pieces of content on a product page for both search engines and for human beings is a unique, informative product description. Unique product descriptions improve discoverability and SEO for products. However, we’re a big data company, and writing descriptions at scale wasn’t in our wheelhouse.

Enter Narrative Science. Where we had great product data at scale with no technology to write product descriptions, they have Quill, the advanced NLG platform. It ingests product information with Indix Standardized Attributes, and creates perfectly-written product descriptions in a customer’s brand voice.

Retailers and marketplaces that need to help more customers find and buy their products can take advantage of Indix Product Descriptions to enhance their product detail page SEO with unique, informative content, and increase conversion rates by 30% or more. Indix Standardized Attributes and Product Descriptions are available to Enterprise plan customers, and customers can receive one million records in just eight weeks.

For an even deeper dive on our Product Descriptions offering, join us for a live webinar on May 17 at 9.30 a.m. PDT/ 12.30 p.m. EDT. During the webinar, Shankar Sundaram (Sr. Director, Strategic Products) of Indix and Gretta Hermes (Account Executive) of Narrative Science will discuss:

  • How the partnership between Indix and Narrative Science enables retailers to create richer, more complete product pages that attract customers to buy, in a fraction of the time.
  • How both NLG and standardized attributes contribute to this solution.
  • What this partnership means for the future of ecommerce.
  • And more!

You will also get to ask them any questions you might have about product descriptions and standardized attributes. Register now!

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