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Introducing a New Look for the Indix Website

We are excited to unveil a new update to today. Feedback from visitors to the site helped focus our efforts on a few key points.

  1. Make it clearer what Indix does
  2. Show more of the Indix data
  3. Get to relevant information faster

We also used this opportunity to tweak the design and flow of the site along with individual pages.

The first thing you’ll notice on the new home page is an introduction to the Cloud Catalog – our core asset. The Indix Cloud Catalog encompasses not only our product information, but also offerings that give access to the data – the Indix Product API and Product Feeds.


If it’s our data you’re interested in, check out the brand new interactive data widget. You’ll quickly be able to see how much product information we have for top brands, categories, stores, and countries. Although the tool only lets you filter down to a subset of everything we have, it effectively shows the breadth and depth of the Indix Cloud Catalog.


If you still want more detail on the data, try out the Data Explorer and search for products by keywords or UPC. You can explore our list of pre-populated queries or enter one of your own.


For instance, if I choose Old Spice deodorant, the Data Explorer will show me 20 out of 1,233 products. I can then drill down further by clicking on the product to get specific offers and catalog data about it.

All of the Indix Solutions pages have also undergone a significant makeover, providing more information about how to implement the solution, and links to customer case studies and in-depth product category reports.


Learn how we can help you expand and enrich your product catalog with our data as well as with support from our many partners. Whether it’s standardizing brand feeds, providing better product details for enhanced conversion rates, or blending different data sources for better analytics, we’ve got the solution for you. Just click on any of the “Get Demo” buttons and we’ll get in touch with you.

While we’re very proud of the changes we’ve made, there is always room for improvement. Please leave a comment below and share your feedback on what we can do to make your experience on more helpful and fun.

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