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Announcing a New Version of the Indix Website

Today, we went live with an updated website. Our goals were to help visitors more quickly understand what they can do with the power of the Indix Product Intelligence platform, highlight the top customer use cases, and bring more prominence to customer quotes and press articles. We also added a new whitepaper for download called, “The Dawn of Product Awareness.”

Here’s a little taste of the new design.


The Indix mission is to collect, organize and analyze the world’s product information so that everyone can act on it.  For brands, retailers and developers, that means helping them quickly access and harness product, channel and competitive insight in order to improve the shopping experience for their customers.

One focus area for the home page revision was to more effectively communicate the sheer breadth and depth of the Indix product database – over 400 million products, over 400,000 sellers, over 40,000 brands, over 10,000 attributes, and more. We also wanted to emphasize the fact that Indix customers have access to offers and catalog data on unlimited products, categories, brands, and merchants – not just a pre-agreed upon set.

At Indix, we’re constantly working to improve both the strength and value of our Product Intelligence platform. We hope the new website takes a step forward in helping visitors understand how their businesses can benefit from what we’re building.

As always, your feedback is welcome.

  Download the Pervasive Commerce White Paper

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