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Indix Teams Up with Prosperent to Deliver Product-Aware Content

Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with Prosperent, a company that helps publishers monetize their content through targeted products ads. Prosperent will use Indix machine learning services to help organize, categorize and streamline up to 50 million products a day from the company’s 4,800+ merchant partners. This partnership will help boost revenue for both merchants and content producers.

At Indix, we envision that just as apps and services today are location-aware and people-aware, they will soon be product-aware as well. Product Awareness is the capability to access rich and deep product information in real time from the web, sensors, and other devices.

Say there is a web article or blog post that refers to a particular product. The ability to show readers relevant offers for the product alongside the content is very powerful, and a prime example of Product Awareness. These are the kind of instances enabled by Prosperent. Clicks on the product earn commissions for the content producers.

One of Prosperent’s business challenges is efficiently managing and streamlining the massive amount of product information they get from retailers and brands. Taking more than 50 million products and having a way to match them consistently requires product data science expertise. The Indix product data science algorithms to help structure, organize and compare hundreds of thousands of products to determine the right fit for each piece of content.

Advertising is changing at an incredible pace. By the end of this decade, people will no longer see an irrelevant ad in their web experience. By harnessing the power of big data and folding in data science and machine learning expertise, Indix and innovators like Prosperent are helping usher in this exciting new time.

To read more about the Indix-Prosperent partnership, click here for the press release.

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