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Indix Product API Documentation Enhancements

In November of 2015, we made our Product API generally available for all developers who wanted to use it. Developers can sign up for a free trial and start writing apps and integrating Indix Product Information into their internal systems immediately, without the need for a credit card.

When we released Self-Serve access, we knew we were releasing a bit of an MVP, and we have definitely learned a lot about the different ways developers can use the API endpoints. We’ve also learned that more API documentation leads everyone to a richer understanding of what’s available and what they can use the API for. We took those learnings and developed a documentation center.

API Documentation

Our Product API documentation isn’t gated, so anyone can go in and learn about each endpoint and the data it returns in more detail.

Product API Endpoint Pages

In addition to the documentation, we’ve published detailed Indix Product API endpoint pages to our website. Each of these pages includes a brief summary of the endpoint; parameter tables listing input, filter, and output fields; and sample responses.

summary endpoint page

You can find links to the Product API Endpoint pages on our Product API page or our Plans and Pricing page (if you click on the little “i” next to each endpoint, you’ll see a brief description and a link that you can follow to the page).

We hope that these documentation enhancements assist with your understanding and use of the Indix Product API.

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