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Indix Joins Revionics’ Competitive Data Partner Program

Today, we announced a partnership with leading end-to-end merchandise optimization solutions provider Revionics. Since Indix is now part of the Revionics Competitive Data Partner Program, retailers can seamlessly incorporate product intelligence data from Indix into their competitive positioning strategies at the speed, scale and frequency needed to stay ahead in the ever-changing marketplace.

Indix and Revionics form partnership

Indix and Revionics form partnership

At Indix, our mission is to organize, analyze and visualize the world’s product information so that everyone can act on it. We align with Revionics in our collective commitment to speed, scale and frequency of rich and relevant product and pricing data, which makes this partnership all the more exciting. Retail is going through a paradigm shift with the inevitable adoption of the infinite-channel approach. We understand that in the age of pervasive commerce, where every interaction with a consumer is an opportunity to sell products and services, retailers have a lot at stake.

“Product Intelligence is a critical part of staying competitive and delighting customers. Revionics understands this challenge and opportunity well,” said Indix CEO Sanjay Parthasarathy. “Together, we are making it easier to provide retailers with quick access to critical product intelligence data from our database of over 700 million products.”

In today’s price transparent world, connected consumers have a lot of market power and choice of where they do business. Delighting these consumers through optimized pricing and promotions just got easier with Indix and Revionics.

For more on the Indix-Revionics partnership, please read the press release here. And, check out the blog article written by Revionics around this news.

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