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Since Indix launched back in 2010, data — specifically product information — has been at the center of our value proposition. Recently, we got feedback from customers and prospects that they would like to know more about it through our website. We got together as a company and thought hard about what our data story should be and how it should be told. And last week, we made a bunch of updates to our site to tell just that story, and more.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit is that we’re introducing our new Product Information Marketplace — this is where we apply the Indix secret sauce of data science and algorithms to raw data, and produce cleansed and structured product information. Using Indix Data-as-a-Service, businesses and developers can easily connect to our Product Information Marketplace and access the world’s single largest collection of structured product information.


With this version of, business and developers can now get more details about the depth and richness of our product information from the Data section. They can see the product information depth by category and an example of the details that are available for a particular product. (Note: We update the numbers regularly.)


Visitors can see Indix product information in action with our new Data Explorer. It connects directly to our Product API and lets visitors choose from 10 popular text-based searches or do a more directed search using a UPC code.


Developers get special attention with this version of our site. Here, they can learn more about the Indix Product API and check out an updated Kickstart program that provides free, limited access to our powerful API with no credit card required.


Finally, visitors will find new innovation stories that briefly tell how businesses like SnipSnap, Revolabs and TrendBrew use Indix Data-as-a-Service to power their new commerce models. As commerce becomes pervasive, access to product information and the capability to easily integrate it into different business systems will be the key to success.

Drop us a line and let us know what you think of our revamped website. We’d love to hear from you!

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