Cloud Catalog + Natural Language Generation = Better Product Pages



Cloud Catalog + Natural Language Generation = Better Product Pages

Some things are just meant to be together, right? Peanut butter and jelly, lobster and clarified butter, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and now Indix and Narrative Science. Today, we announced our partnership (read the press release here for more details), and we couldn’t be happier.

We formed our partnership to explore how the combination of the world’s largest set of structured product information (our Cloud Catalog) together with Narrative Science’s advanced natural language generation (NLG) can change the way brands and retailers build SEO-optimized product content.

When we started talking to Narrative Science, we quickly realized that the partnership opportunities were nearly endless–they have cutting-edge NLG capabilities, but they rely on their customers to produce the information that they use. We can provide more product information than anyone else in the world, but we rely on our customers to create their own content around it.

Combining the two can lead to something more delicious than a lobster bake or four Super Bowl wins: our customers can get quality content for “long-tail” products without dumping a huge amount of money and time into the effort. Because having good content on product detail pages can increase conversion rate by 30% or more, customers who take advantage of our partnership could see significant returns on their investment.

Beyond the possibilities that this partnership offers our customers, however, we’ve been impressed by both the technology and people at Narrative Science. We’ve been working closely together on the first content project, and we’ve enjoyed figuring things out together thus far.

Stay tuned for future announcements of the cool offerings we’re developing together!

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