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Announcing the Launch of Indix API v2.0

We are delighted to announce the launch of Indix API v2.0. With the 2nd generation of the API, we support more use cases with improved back-end architecture and the capability to handle a lot more data. We’re especially proud to announce this on the heels of a Series B round of funding. It’s almost hard to believe that we launched API v1.0 just over a year ago. Since then, we worked closely with our customers and learned more deeply about their use cases. We’ve incorporated their valuable feedback–and much more–in v2.0.

As our catalog continues to grow to more than 800 million+ products, our customers needed better ways to retrieve and filter the data. With the Indix API v2.0, our customers can take advantage of 25 RESTful endpoints combined with new filters to retrieve exactly the data they need from our catalog and return it in a simple JSON format. With the new bulk endpoints, a single call can return hundreds of thousands of products with a single API call. Our customers can also get offers information from our On Demand endpoint such as list price, sale price, availability, and URL status for up to a thousand products across ten competitors in 90 minutes.

API-v2-904x1024The Indix APIs have already been broadly adopted and our data is being used in many corners of the commerce ecosystem to not only make better and faster assortment and pricing decisions, but also to fuel the next generation of Product-Aware applications and content-rich websites. (Product-Aware refers to the capability to access rich, deep, and comprehensive product information in real time from the web, sensors, and smart wearable

devices.) In just 12 months, businesses ranging from Fortune 500 commerce giants to developers creating the next game-changing product app have made millions of calls across hundreds of categories and a broad range of use cases, including:

  • Powering intelligent search applications
  • Enriching product content on websites
  • Enabling faster and more impactful revenue driving decisions through analytics and dashboards

And so much more!

New to Indix API v2.0

The new version of our APIs delivers improvements to the architecture as well as functionality enhancements across all use cases of Search, Enrich, Optimize, Analyze, and Learn. With the new endpoints, customers access data in one of three ways:

  • Search: Searching allows you to obtain relevant data for one or more products using any product identifier like a text query, UPC, MPN, ASIN, SKU, brand ID or store ID.
  • Lookup: The Lookup functionality gives data for only one product using the unique Indix Master Product ID (MPID). It is a more pointed way to access data behind one specific product.
  • Bulk: The biggest addition to the Indix API v2.0 is the ability to access data in bulk. Using the bulk endpoints, you can now get offers or catalog data for hundreds of thousands of products with just one API call.

We have also added new filters to support more customized and curated access to our catalog.

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