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Announcing Indix API v1.0 and KickStart Program

At Indix, we are building the world’s biggest database of product information. Today, we are proud to announce two major milestones:

  1. Version 1.0 of the Indix API to tap into Indix’s product intelligence platform’s assets, including our entire product catalog and pre-computed insights.
  2. The Indix KickStart program for developers to build product-aware applications.

We launched a beta version of the Indix API in November 2013. Version 1.0 is a culmination of the feedback received on our beta API from customers, third party developers and product experts.

The Indix API V 1.0

Through a rich set of endpoints, the Indix API provides instant access to product information on hundreds of millions of products, hundreds of thousands of sellers, thousands of brands, and a comprehensive set of product attributes – information that would otherwise be extremely difficult to obtain at this vast scale.

With Version 1.0 of the Indix API, users have access to both Offers and Catalog Intelligence. Offers Intelligence comprises of information related to the sale of a product such as the stores selling a product, their list/sale prices, promotion, availability (in stock/out of stock), etc. Catalog Intelligence comprises of information about the product itself such as brand, category, features, specifications, UPC, MPN, etc.

Users of the API can search for products using general text queries as well as  specific IDs such as SKU, UPC, MPN, or product URL. The API also supports numerous filtering options to help users quickly discover the specific products they are looking for.

Today, many brands and retailers are already using our API to gain deeper insights into not only their own but also their competitors’ products. By integrating Indix’s Offers and Catalog data into their systems, they are able to generate more relevant product offers, enrich product content on their apps and websites, and enhance product search and discovery.

Developers are also using our API to build applications such as curated e-commerce storefronts, customized product search, and personalized product catalogs. In doing so, they are creating a new class of product-aware applications where every interaction with a website, app, or service becomes an opportunity to educate, inform, or sell a product.

The Indix KickStart Program

In support of the product ecosystem, we are also launching KickStart – a program to help startups and small businesses accelerate the development of product-aware applications and deliver rich product-aware experiences.

Companies that have less than $1 million in funding and $100,000 in revenue can contact us at We will assess your qualification for the Indix KickStart program which entitles you to receive access to the Indix API at a reduced price point.

We are excited with the possibilities that come with this new age of pervasive commerce and hope the Indix API will help grow the ecosystem of product-aware apps and services. This is just the beginning! #Onward

You can read our press release here.

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