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Adapting Fast: What Companies Need to Survive the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution is here, and I get a chance to speak to you about it next week at Apigee’s “Adapt or Die” event in San Francisco. On September 27, Jenny Banner, CEO of Schaad Companies, and I will answer the question, “What do companies need to drive digital execution?” Jenny and I will discuss what it takes for businesses to truly turn digital visions into action and become drivers of growth.

It’s easy to talk about the digital revolution, but when it comes down to companies actually needing to make a successful shift, that initial jump can be difficult. So where do these companies fall short and what needs to change?

Some companies choose to see technological advances as irrelevant to their business model or as an expense that won’t lead to revenue. This mindset is what keeps businesses from advancing and ultimately getting left behind. At the Apigee event, you’ll learn what is needed to redefine legacy procedures and implement new technology that can strengthen a business to grow digitally. Embracing solutions like APIs help close the gap between enterprise IT and the software-defined enterprise. Interested in hearing more? Come check out our talk at Adapt or Die!

Our session, “Escaping Digital Death Valley: How to Reconcile the Growth Imperative with the Legacy of the Glass House,” will be held at The Village, 969 Market St, San Francisco, CA from 3:45-4:15 p.m. PT.

For those of you attending the conference, I look forward to seeing you there!

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