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The Women of Indix

At Indix, we’re building the world’s largest collection of structured product information in the cloud. We deliver this through our Product API and Product Feeds. It’s big data at its finest: super technical, built with advanced AI/ML, and complex to sell and market. The perfect setup for a boys’ club, right?


Our Cloud Catalog is built, sold, and marketed by both women and men who are all passionate about this technology.

The strong female voice and presence at our company starts at the top: we have an amazing woman on our exec team, and the rest of our executives prioritize diversity across the company. Heather Redman, our VP of Business Operations & General Counsel, never hesitates to hold our feet to the fire to make sure we’re looking at our contracts with rigor and running the business smoothly. Heather’s presence in tech doesn’t stop with Indix–she’s an active angel investor and speaker.

We couldn’t build our product or our company without the women in our Chennai office. They’re deep problem solvers who love challenges, slice and dice data for our customers, recruit our amazing teamoptimize our systems, and even do some karate on the side.

The Women of Indix Chennai

We want to have more women on our engineering and product teams, and we hope our women’s exposure at upcoming events and via current and future blog posts will attract even more amazing women to our Chennai team.

Our sales and marketing teams are 35% female, with marketing doing a lot of the heavy lifting at 80%+ women. These women handle the data analysis and writing for our in-depth category reports, consult with Fortune 500 companies on their product data needs, slice and dice our digital marketing data, and handle the messaging around our product data. In the Seattle office, we adopted “Nevertheless, she persisted” as a rally cry (well, on our notebooks, anyhow), and we got together for a cool picture today (taken by our CEO, of course!):

The Women of Indix Seattle

We’ve also been proud of our research on gender and products using the Indix Cloud Catalog. We’ve looked at antiperspirant, Halloween costumes, activewear, and more. The inequality that women face in product marketing and pricing matters to us; stay tuned for some much more in-depth analysis over the coming months. (Sneak peak: do you know the difference between men’s and women’s shoe prices? It’s not what you’d expect!)

At Indix, we know we’re not perfect. We’d love to see more women on our engineering team, and our leadership could be more diverse. However, we’re proud that we have women everywhere in the company, because it leads to stronger teams and better decisions. The women of Indix will continue to #BeBoldForChange and celebrate International Women’s Day.

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