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Reflecting on Two Beautiful Years at Indix

I started my Indix journey on the May 11, 2015 and it has been a blissful journey so far. This is my first startup experience, and I must admit that this has been a wonderful learning experience so far. It has helped in shaping both my personal and professional life.

Being a part of the People (Human Resources) function, the scope of my work at Indix covers a broad spectrum of HR-related activities that leave a lasting impact on people and their aspirations. Not a day goes by without learning something new at work. Every challenge that I come across is unique and there is absolutely nothing mundane about my days here.

I’m going to take this opportunity to list down a few lessons I have learnt in my startup life that have made me both a better individual and a professional.

Absolute Ownership

Working at a startup is like running in an obstacle race. While you run towards the end point, you balance multiple responsibilities on your shoulders seamlessly until you make it. This becomes possible only when you understand the uncompromising significance of learning to own what you are responsible for, and I got the valuable opportunity to learn, own, and deliver at Indix.

While you are encouraged to take risks and fail faster, there comes the responsibility to own things end to end and deliver on them. Furthermore, you have the autonomy to design the path that leads to the intended outcome. During the initial days, I missed some opportunities as it took me time to imbibe the spirit of absolute ownership. However, the culture here was supportive, and I started to excel.

The Power of Feedback

At Indix, we value a feedback-driven culture and no one hesitates to share thoughts with their team. Feedback is highly integral to one’s growth, and I attribute my growth at Indix primarily to the feedback I have received. I am in awe of my team and they offer me objective and helpful advice. Also, the culture of the company has made me more open, and I approach criticism positively and see it as a great opportunity for me to learn and grow. Feedback-driven culture demolishes the barriers that hamper growth and helps people make the most of their time at a company.

Stakeholder Management

As my role cuts across the organization, I learned the key art of managing stakeholder expectations and keeping everyone on the same page. Being a high energy new age product startup, there is seldom any time to have well-defined processes and checklists to follow. However, that doesn’t mean you do things in a random or haphazard way. Another challenge that adds more complexity is that there are multiple stakeholders for a given point of consideration.

While there is no scientific or methodical approach, after much trial and error, I recognized that clear and constant communication with stakeholders is the best way to manage expectations. Initially, as some of my approaches failed, feedback from folks on what went wrong helped me to turn things around.

Making an Impact

Owing to the team I’m a part of and the role that I play at Indix, I believe that every activity I do has an impact on people. I’m lucky I got a chance to work on and roll out some of the key people development initiatives along with my teammates. The joy of getting a sense of how the initiatives have impacted people on the floor is priceless, and it fuels me to work harder. The belief and unconditional support provided by the leadership and the team is very important and helps you scale greater heights in the workplace.

Team and Fun

I’m delighted to be a part of this wonderful team. While we have loads of fun together, I can also write pages after pages on the life lessons I have learned from every other person I work with. The team has been there for me during my times of need to offer support. Be it during the onboarding phase when I first started, or during a tough personal situation or a health issue, the team has been a rock-solid source of support and comfort.

I’m also particularly appreciative of the disagreements we sometimes have during team huddles. The attitude to respect each other for our differences has helped me and the team grow in strength and stature. It’s the different perspectives that have helped me look at issues more holistically and take a well-informed and researched stand. I now truly believe that we need to cherish our differences and rejoice our commonalities to learn and grow.

There is much more that I can write about but I believe this piece is quite reflective of my time here. These experiences have meant a lot to me and I’m looking forward to exciting times ahead in this beautiful journey of continuous learning.

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