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Onboarding at Indix – A beginner’s guide to organizational success

The onboarding phase is one of the most important phases in an employee’s life: it’s the foundation on which a career is built at any company. Onboarding is not merely a knowledge-imparting program (although it also does that), it helps a new hire internalize the various aspects of the company. The program helps individuals get acquainted with their role and company-related aspects of working life. It helps the new joiner understand the overall vision and mission of the company in-depth. Knowing the culture of the company is one of the strongest pillars upon which everything else is built.

At Indix, onboarding comprises a series of activities that the team does with a new joiner to help with the transition to the new environment. Onboarding begins as soon as one makes a firm commitment to join Indix, subsequent to cracking our interesting and challenging interview process. Then we make every effort to ensure that the new joiner has a smooth journey to Indix.

Our efforts in the onboarding program are closely connected to our values, in which we take immense pride. To ensure that there is an ongoing connect during the brief phase between the acceptance of an offer and joining (which is typically anywhere between 30 and 90 days), we do a series of focused activities to stay engaged with the new joiner. We set up periodic calls with the members of the team or from HR to ensure that there is enough transparent communication going on regularly with the new joiner. It’s totally understandable for the new joiner to have apprehensions about the impending career move and therefore we believe the onus of providing that much-needed confidence is totally on Indix.

We care for someone who is new just as we do for those currently inside the company. In most cases, as part of the pre-onboarding process, the new joiner spends time with the team in various sessions. This helps the new joiner get an overview of Indix even before they start; the time it takes for them to contribute at work gets reduced drastically. In some cases, we have even started the boot camps (a full-fledged org and functional training program) before the new joiner could come onboard.

We assign an onboarding buddy (in most cases, from the new joiner’s future team) to spend a good amount of time with the new joiner pre- and post-joining to provide a seamless transition and assimilation with Indix. The onboarding buddy plays an integral role in making the new joiner successful, displaying an overwhelming sense of ownership and accountability in ensuring the new joiner learns everything that’s needed to excel at Indix.

On the day of joining, we have an official meet and greet with the new joiner with Indix goodies, and we have their workstation all ready. The onboarding buddy does a floor walk to introduce the new joiner hire to the entire office. The onboarding program helps break the ice for the new joiner with the team: on the first day there is hardly any barrier between the new joiner and their team. Everyone on the team helps and supports the new joiner with anything.

After completing a rather simple but delightful first day at work, the new joiner undergoes a series of learning sessions that give a holistic view of Indix and their specific team. Given that we have a sizeable number of folks from across India at our sprawling Chennai office, we also ensure that we provide a good overview of Chennai to make their move an easy one. For this purpose we have kickstarted an engagement with an onboarding partner who provides a Chennai city introduction and works closely with the new joiner, helping them be comfortable with the city. The onboarding partner provides a host of services such as finding accommodation, giving a quick city tour, showing Chennai routes and destinations, music, art, and food joints in the city, and more.

While onboarding starts from the moment a person accepts an offer from Indix, the focus on the new joiner’s health and comfort within the company and beyond is an ongoing one. There are periodic scheduled catch-ups with the new joiner, starting from day one and spanning three months. These catch-ups help us to take stock on the new joiner’s health; in many instances we have been able to take corrective steps to ensure that the onboarding experience is a successful one for the new joiner.

Here are a couple of quotes from our employees on how the onboarding program has helped them and their teams:

Comments from one of our principal engineers

The entire hiring and onboarding process at Indix is well thought out, and is designed to inspire a sense of belonging; I had regular status checks via calls from HR, offering to support however they could. On my joining day, I had an “Indix buddy” walk the floor with me and introduce me to everyone – that was especially fun and engaging as I got to meet all of my new colleagues, and it helped break the ice.

The onboarding sessions that followed were incredibly useful and gave me a bird’s eye view of every problem each team was solving. I felt that these sessions were well planned and executed, with a focus on really educating new talent about the architecture, our motivation, and all the intricacies in our particular space.

In the initial days, it was easy to get started on work. Having a helpful and caring team that was all ready to jump in to pair with problem solving or reviewing a piece of code or just asking for help also helped. I was also put through a Scala boot camp that was interesting – my code was reviewed by my peers and I was given thoughtful feedback.

Over all, it was a very positive experience.

Comments from one of our engineering managers

I’m very positive about this stint with Indix so far. I found the orientation sessions very good and the onboarding schedule prepared by the VP of engineering was very useful. I also feel that I was given enough time to ramp up and start contributing. I would like to appreciate the support provided to me during the initial days along with proper expectations. I also have a very clear direction for my journey in Indix. I have a very clear idea on what I would be working on and the things where I need to bring a change. The team has been very friendly and I have been very comfortable interacting with senior folks in the team. I have been able to streamline processes around delivery timelines, weekly statuses, etc., and the team was supportive and collaborative in driving the changes needed.

My stint at Indix has been aggressive and challenging given my background from previous employment where most of the decisions had been centralized and and engineering decision-making would easily take two weeks. However, at Indix I feel this happens really fast and I have been able to cope with that effectively. During this transition phase from my previous company to Indix, I had an open mind and was able to embrace change without any problems.

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